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  1. Repair was quick and easy. Friendly guys working there and it cost me what they said it would

  2. Hello! I have an IPhone 6s my friend gave to me and the screen is completely screwed. It is going to need to be repaired/replaced. I don’t know if you guys could estimate how much time it would take to fix the screen? Also, how much would it cost? I believe it says $65 on here, or $85, but I am not sure. It doesn’t have a SIM card yet, just need the screen repaired so I can put it in service.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond,,
    Amanda Rine

  3. my computer froze up.. I was told it was the blue screen of death. I’m not a computer person at all. I maybe used this computer maybe 10 times in 3 years.. I use my phone for everything. Well I took it to this store and the man behind the counter told me exactly what to do to fix this 700.00 paper weight. IT WORKED!!!!
    I backed this sucker up with 3 disc’s and I’m back in business. The friendly owner DID NOT charge me a penny. He could have easily made some money on me. I THANK him for all his advice…
    I would highly recommend this business if you have issues with any electronic stuff. GREAT PLACE…..

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